I don't drink coffee after 10am and other things about me

Where to start where to start....

Well this is me and my two girls, The Bean and The Peanut

As you can see from the photograph, I'm a mom. One who sometimes colour coordinates her hair with her kid's outfits for photographs. That photo was mothers Day 2014

I am an artist/ photographer, which includes being a guerrilla artists who randomly abandons her art.

I teach art to children to feed my family.

I am a Whovian. At present I favour #10 but #12 looks pretty awesome.

I am Sherlocked. I crush all over Martin Freeman. I won't get into what Benedict Cumberbatch crushing I'm involved with.

Speaking of Crushing. I'm a huge fan of head crushing a la Kids in the Hall.

I am a big advocate for buying handmade, making hand made and gifting hand made.

I think fart jokes are funny but try to minimalise them so that they continue to be funny. Not an easy task with an elementary school kid in the house.

I own too many shoes. Not many of which I can wear in the rain.

I like to choose my children's books based on the illustrations. Sometime's I'm pleasantly surprised, sometimes I'm very disappointed in the stories.

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